Tuesday, October 03, 2023
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Factory Location

The Plant

The Production Building is the main area of Activity and is the core of the entire site Development. The 800 Square Meters of Construction is described in the following sections:

The Clean Rooms

The Entire Clean Room is constructed with State of Art Clean Room Building Materials (Sandwich Panel, Doors, Double Glazed Vision Panels, Self Leveling Epoxy Floor etc.).

The Ventilation system is designed with Centrally Controlled HVAC System with a Central Water Chiller. Separate Air Handling Systems are employed for separate areas as per the norms of cGMP with Humidity Control for the Powder / Tablets Production Area.

The Purified Water System is built on A Purified Water Generator, GMP Compliant Storage and Distribution Loop with Hot Water Sanitization. Continuous monitoring of the water quality is available.

The Technical Areas

All the equipments and controlling systems like Air Handling Units, Electrical Power, Compressed Air, Potable & Purified Water, Process Air Handling Systems etc. are centralized in a dedicated technical zone for central Maintenance and Control. The area has a dedicated access (completely separated from Clean Room Access) as per cGMP.

Quality Control Laboratory

The Modern QC Lab is divided in separate areas for Dry Instruments, Wet Instruments, Microbiology, Documentation, Stability Test Area, Retention Sample Area, Offices etc.

With all kinds or Testing & Analytical Instrument available, the QC department ensures high production & quality standards of all the products produced.

Core Production Area

The Core Production Facility is a dedicated controlled Clean Room housing production of the followings:

  • Tablets: Wet Granulation Facility with a Maximum Capacity of 80kg per batch caters to the Tablet Press and Blister Packaging Machine. The tablet Production has a Capacity of about 25 Million Tablets per year based on single shift operation.
  • Powders: Powder Processing has a Dry Blending Capacity of 100kg per batch. The Powders are packed in Containers as well as sachets of different sizes with several packaging machinery. Annual Capacity is about 40,000 kilograms.
  • Liquids: The Liquid Section has a Processing & Packing capacity of 500 Liter per Batch and the products are packed in bottles of 100ml to 1 liter Sizes. The Facility has a capacity to pack about 250,000 Liters per year on single shift.

Besides the above, there are areas available in the core production zone for possible capacity up gradation and also for introduction of new dosage forms.

Secondary Packaging Area

The Secondary Packaging Area is separated from the Core Production Area as per cGMP norms. The finished and packed goods go through a quarantine measure and quality testing before they are placed in the Finished Goods warehouse for releasing to the market.