Factory Location

Manufacturing Plant

The Location

The Manufacturing Facilities of Gentry Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is situated at Bhangnahati, under the municipality of Shreepur, in the district of Gazipur. 35 kilometers away from Dhaka, the Capital of Bangladesh; the Plant is ideally located with excellent road access for connectivity.

Just 4 kilometers off from the National Level 1 Highway (Dhaka-Mymensing), the site is placed on a 10+ Meter wide District Road with convenient accessibility with public bus transport.

The Site

Spanning over a highland, measuring about 11,000 Square Meters, the site was developed on a fresh piece of land as a green field project. Well planned buildings are constructed on a land area of approximately 2,500 square meters. The full Site comprises of the following modules:


The Plant

The Production Building is the main area of Activity and is the core of the entire site Development. The 800 Square Meters of Construction is described in the following sections: