Marketing Operations

The grass root level sellers of our organization are Marketing Officers (MO) and the unit of our Market is ‘Field’ and the field is headed by a ‘Field Manager.’

1 to 7 marketing officers headed by a Field Manager constitute a Field. In some special or new areas we have only one marketing Officer (MO) who has been trying to develop the market and at the end of a certain period it will be constituted as a full ‘Field’ consisting of 4 to 5 MOs and a field manager.

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Responsible Sales and Marketing Practices

Gentry Pharmaceuticals Ltd. has policies and procedure in place that guides employees as they conduct their day to day activities. These policies and procedures encompass relevance laws and regulations, including food and drugs laws and laws relating to government healthcare programs. We also undertake industry best practices and regularly update our policies to incorporate changes to the law and industry code.

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