Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Polflox Vet

Polflox Vet

Oral Solution

Ciprofloxacin Hydrochloride BP 10 gm

100 ml, 500 ml Bottle

Polfox solution indicated against all gram positive and gram negative organisms. Polflox effective againinist C.R.D, C.C.R.D, Mycoplasmosis, Salmonelosis, Colibacillosis, Infectious Coryza, Pasteurellosis, necrotic enteritis, Streptococcosis, Staphylococcosis etc. and may be used all secondary bacterial infections in viral disease of poultry like Gumboro, Newcastle disease etc.
Dosage & Administration:


1 ml per 1-2 litre of drinking water for 3-5 consecutive days.
1 ml per 4-8 liter of drinking water for 3-5 consecutive days.
Or as prescribed/directed by the registered Veterinarian.