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Marketing Operations

The grass root level sellers of our organization are Marketing Officers (MO) and the unit of our Market is ‘Field’ and the field is headed by a ‘Field Manager.’

1 to 7 marketing officers headed by a Field Manager constitute a Field. In some special or new areas we have only one marketing Officer (MO) who has been trying to develop the market and at the end of a certain period it will be constituted as a full ‘Field’ consisting of 4 to 5 MOs and a field manager.

4 to 5 Fields are administered and looked after by 1 Area Manager and we have 4 Area managers. The whole market is governed by 4 Marketing Managers in the Head Office as follows:-

  1. Marketing Manager- Central Bangladesh
  2. Marketing Manager – Eastern Bangladesh
  3. Marketing Manager – Northern Bangladesh
  4. Marketing Manager – Greater Barisal Area

We have a total 17 Fields and 106 Marketing Officers throughout Bangladesh and they have been carrying out our total marketing activities in the country under the leadership of 16 Field Managers, 4 Area Managers and 4 Marketing Managers.

We have 3 Depots in Bangladesh. 1 is at Bogra and 2nd one is at Barisal and the 3rd or main 1 is at Sreepur, Gazipur in the vicinity of Factory. This is our Central Depot and all distribution take place from Central Depot.

MO all over Bangladesh extends product requisition after procuring orders from different Dealers/Pharmacy/Shop to our Distribution Department. Distribution department comprises of 1 Computer Operator, One tally Clerk and 4 to 5 packers. Computer operator prepares Invoices getting requisition approved by the Marketing Managers and also Head of Distribution who is also a Marketing Manager. The Head of Distribution compiles all the product requisitions from different fields and prepare a separate dispatch schedule for each Field or MO. If all the products are available, the products are packed and loaded in our own vehicles and set out for distribution in the different locality of the country. Each and every vehicle has 1 Driver and 1 Delivery assistant. The products for Eastern & Northern part of the country are sent to Bogra Depot and all MO of this area get their desired products from Bogra. This way all products for Barisal area sent to Barisal Depot. Products which fall short for different reasons are produced if materials are available and sent later on.

Besides above system, we used to make a minimum stock level of all products to our Depots without any requisition by the MO. In depots we have computer Operator and Tally man who prepare invoices and sent products to different areas or MO.

We also sent our products to different MO by Courier services and particularly to the places where a truck or our distribution vehicle is uneconomic.

A follow up system is undertaken by our distribution manager to ensure the arrival of consignment in time to the desired places and MO.

Functions & Responsibilities of FM:

The Field Managers will take care of all the MO under him. They will ensure the effective movements of all MO to our desired customers, doctors, hospitals and procure orders. They will also prepare a monthly tour program of MO and will ensure the visit of MO to desired customers.

Functions & Responsibilities of AM:

The Area Manager will ensure the professional or commercial responsibility of all FM. They will also assist all FM and sometimes MO to present to the Doctors. He will also ensure the availability of products maintaining a good liason with the distribution department. He will maintain all information regarding problems, possibilities of the marketing areas, FM and MO and will try to solve after discussing Marketing Managers. The main duty of the Area Manager is to assist all the fields under him to reach the sales & collection targets.

Functions & Responsibility of Marketing Manager:

In a word, to ensure the attainment of the target of the company and to work for further development of the Market by introducing new and unique products or the other way he thinks befitting and proper. To materialize the philosophy of the company in his area and the whole of Bangladesh as well.